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24 February 2007


Dholes in China

Attempted predation on blue sheep Pseudois nayaur (Hodgson) by dholes Cuon
alpinus (Pallas) in China
Richard B. Harris, University of Montana, Missoula, MT USA 59801
Key words: blue sheep, China, Cuon alpinus, dhole, predation, Pseudois

The principal predator of blue sheep (Psuedois nayaur) throughout its range
on the Tibetan plateau is generally considered to be the snow leopard (Uncia
uncia) (Oli et al. 1993, Schaller 1998). Young lambs may also be taken by
eagles (Aquila spp.) or other raptors, and wolves (Canis lupus) may
important predators in some areas (Schaller 1998). Although the geographic
range of the dhole (Cuon alpinus) is universally represented as including
all the high-elevation areas of western China (Cohen 1977, Fox 1984,
Ginsberg and MacDonald 1990, Sheldon 1992, Zheng 1994), few documented
reports on its distribution or ecology in China have been published. Dholes
are known to prey on numerous ungulates, but there exist only vague
references to them attacking members of the sub-family Caprinae (e.g.,
Heptner et al. 1998). Here, I report an instance of attempted predation on a
group of blue sheep by a pack of dholes in the Qilian Shan, Gansu, China.

For more details see Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 102:
(2006) (in press), or contact rharris@montana.com for a .pdf


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